Frivolous Friday – The Dating Game With Cats

Did you know that behavior traits in cats can be inherited? When we rescue a cat or a kitten without knowing anything about their breeding we’re pretty much taking a chance on the cat. Will she be naughty or nice, full of energy or lazy, pleasant or cranky? If you can identify her breeding background, you might be able to predict something about her temperament. A cat’s or kitten’s coloring and features will sometimes give a clue as to her heritage.

So which breeds are more friendly and sociable, active and so forth? There was a recent study involving nearly 6,000 cats of various breeds focusing on the cat’s activity level, sociability, aggressive behavior, and so forth. Here’s a peek into what they learned: the less cordial/friendly cat breeds are the British shorthair and the Russian blue. Some of the most friendly breeds are the  Korat and the Devon Rex. The most active are known to be the Cornish Rex and the Bengal and the least active are the Ragdoll, Birman, and British Shorthair.

Those of us who’ve been around cats for a long time grew up knowing only two breeds—the Siamese and the Persian. We were conditioned to believe (and some of us learned firsthand) that the Siamese is more vocal and active and clever and teachable. The Persian is quiet, more docile, and sweet.

Today science has taken this concept to much higher levels. Here’s a site showing the behavioral traits of certain breeds.

Here’s a list of the most docile cat breeds.

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