Newsday Tuesday – The Value of a Chip—and I Don’t Mean the Chocolate Chip

Don’t you just love to hear stories of lost or runaway cats being reunited with their family? And these reunions are made possible most often by the microchip.

There was a story in the news last week about a cat named Ashes. He rode shotgun for a truck-driver. On one of their long-haul runs, Ashes evidently left the safety of the truck while at a truck stop and went missing. After five months, Ashes was reunited with his buddy and all because of a microchip.

Cats go missing often while on vacation with their owner. They even escape from their home. Sometimes a cat will see an opportunity—an open door or window—and just go out for a little adventure. If they don’t get picked up by someone or frightened away into an area they aren’t familiar with, they may come home later that day or the next.

A cat can get locked in a neighbor’s shed or garage without the homeowner knowing it. He might take shelter in a car, truck, or delivery van and be taken miles away from home. If it’s a nice cat, she might find someone else to take care of her. Or she’ll be trapped and taken to a local shelter.

Cats and dogs are often victims of a house or apartment fire, earthquake or flood. Some find a new home around the corner, others might run as far away from the disaster as they can, avoiding humans along the way.

In many cases, the cat will eventually be noticed and approached. If she has a microchip with the owner’s current contact information, it is extremely likely that she will be returned. This is definitely something we should all be considering—a nice holiday gift for you and your cat.

Here are a few sites where you can learn more about the microchip for cats.

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