Thoughts for Thursday – More About Marmalades, Gingers, Reds

Yesterday I shared with you the stunning news about Smokey’s heritage—at least where he got his coloring from. If you have a red/orange cat or you’ve ever had one or you know someone with one, you may have done some research on this cat color. If not, some of my findings might surprise you.

Orange/red cats are called marmalade or ginger and all orange cats are tabbies. There are four basic tabby patterns, classic, mackerel, ticked, and spotted. Some orange cats have white accents on their feet, throat, tummy. Others do not. And many of them have the tabby M on their forehead.

Orange is not a breed, but simply a color. Some of the most common breeds that produce cats with an orange coat include the British shorthair, Persian, Munchkin and American Bobtail. Also, the eye color of a ginger cat is almost always gold or green.

These cats typically have great personalities if you like a friendly and often lazy cat. They love to eat and often have a weight problem.

Maybe you’ve noticed how rare orange female cats are. That’s because for some reason, 80 percent of cats wearing the marmalade fur are males.

Probably the most well-known orange tabbies were Garfield and Morris,

Here’s additional information about the beautiful orange tabby:

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