Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday –Who’s the Daddy–A Ginger????

Interesting/shocking fact: Smokey’s sire is probably an orange tabby!

Yesterday we talked about cat genetics. And I told you I’ve been dabbling in this topic a little for a future Klepto Cat Mystery. Well, during my search, I connected with a cat DNA specialist who’s on staff at a major university and I discovered that Smokey’s (aka Rags’s) sire (a roaming neighborhood cat) was probably a red (orange, ginger, marmalade) cat. Now that was a surprise.

As some of you may know, Smokey’s mother was a Ragdoll. Some of the kittens looked like Mama, there was a calico and there were a few solid grey kittens and Smokey—dark grey-and-white.

My sister-in-law (who owned the Ragdoll) saw an orange shorthair in the neighborhood at the time of perceived conception, and a black cat. I would have thought what most of you are probably thinking—yeah, Smokey is probably a product of the black cat.

But the scientist ran the numbers—the formula related to cat coloring—and she has determined that Smokey’s father is most likely the orange cat my sister-in-law saw or another orange cat—not the black one. Now I’m trying to figure out how to use that tidbit in Book 41. Oh, do I have fun writing these stories for you.

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