A Happy Cat Brings Many Rewards

Lily lapping it up.

Lily lapping it up.

If you’ve read Catscapades, True Cat Tales, you know who Lily is—and Max, Sophie, Katy, Daisy, Gus, Crystal, PomPom and others. Catscapades is at Amazon and here: http://www.matilijapress.com/Catscapades

Lily has had quite a busy young life. She has starred as Tinkerbell in Peter Pan. She was the piano player in one production and she has been featured on a Workman Cat-A-Day calendar amidst a scattering of alphabet blocks. Now she will have her own greeting card. She is among several cats chosen to appear on note cards. In this shot, she’s sitting in front of a small water bowl waiting for her stuffed baby possum to drink.

Does your cat try to drown her stuffed toys? Lily often carries her furry spider, baby possum, tiny polar bear, colorful birds, mice toys or little brown teddy to the various water bowls throughout the house and drops them in. Is she being the good mommy and offering them water?

She loves water. Lily spends more time at her water bowls than most cats spend doing practically anything else. She especially loves running water. After we fixed the leak in the bathroom faucet and had the bathtub resurfaced, we bought her a water fountain. And she lets us know when she wants it turned on, either by herding us into the room where it is or knocking the lid off the top of it. Sometimes she just sits next to it and waits for us to notice. We notice. She’s pretty determined and persistent. And boy do we love to make her happy. The rewards of a happy cat are enormous.

Catnapped, the first in my Klepto Cat Mystery series is collecting some great reviews. I got two 5-star reviews within the last week. That’s nice. I’m glad people are enjoying the story. This novel is loosely based on a true story, you know. There were cats being stolen in one California city and no one knew where they were being taken and why. This story also involves horses to an extent and the story around the horses was written around a true story I once heard about. Of course both instances were greatly embellished in order to create a more interesting story. There’s a little romance thrown in and a murder mystery.

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