Newsday Tuesday – And You Thought Your Cat Was Naughty

Even the sweetest, most charming, adorable, mannerly cat has an impish side. She might toss more sand than seems necessary over the sides of the litter box, steal food from your plate, sneak out through an open door when you’re not looking, take your hair scrunchies, hide your cozy socks (or your favorite earrings), or scratch your favorite chair. But you forgive her. After all, she’s just being cute and funny and creative.

Maybe you’ve even owned a cat with a bad habit of peeing outside the litter box, eating the ribbons off your most artistically-wrapped gifts, knocking the Christmas tree over, destroying your plants, climbing your curtains and worst. But after viewing these two websites, you may want to embrace your cat and ask his forgiveness for scolding him the last time he napped on your best jacket or ate your prize blooming orchid. There are some awfully mischievous cats out there as you’ll see at these sites. Tis the time to be thankful. After viewing these links, I’m ever so thankful for our sweet Lily and Sophie.

These are considered some of the world’s worst cats Here are 50 pix of cats being naughty


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