Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats, Cats Everywhere

A lot of people collect things—tea cups, salt and pepper shakers, dolls, bears, thimbles, books, succulents, antiques, tools, baseball cards… My youngest daughter collects hearts. Everywhere she goes she sees hearts, in puddles after a rain, in a dewy spider web, in the clouds, in tree bark in a cat’s fur pattern… Her grandchildren bring her heart-shaped rocks, leaves, seashells and other things.

Me? I see cats wherever I go—in the stores I visit (as I mentioned yesterday), in windows along the street, sitting on neighborhood fences, and even sometimes in the litter box. Here’s a cat-shaped clump from you know where. (I’ve also taken pictures of heart-shaped clumps for my daughter.)

Last week I took this picture of what looked to me like a cat painted in mud on the pavement. Can you see it or is it just me?


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