Newsday Tuesday – Like Cats? Visit a Cat-Friendly Store

I’ve heard of people who travel all over the place to visit shops, libraries, and other establishments where there are one or more cats. Trina and Greg Samson log such cats at their website and they currently list 470 of them throughout the world. Here’s the link in case you’d like to visit some of them virtually (or in person). Through this site, you’ll meet cats from almost every state who work in hotels, libraries, feed stores, florist shops, warehouses, corporate offices, and even technology companies.

Some of these cats wandered into these establishments and were invited to stay. Some were adopted from shelters in order to save the cat and for the purpose of housing a shop cat—for the charm of it. My chiropractor feeds and provides shelter for a couple of homeless cats at her office. One has recently moved inside and now works as a greeter. I’m also greeted at the door by a cat when I visit our local feed store, our veterinarian’s office, an outdoor bookstore, a nursery, our local library, and at a nearby pet store. Strangely most of these cats are gray. I read recently, that gray cats are some of the most docile and friendly. So it follows that they would be taken in or worm they way into an office environment or store environment where they can get plenty of attention and to do what they do best—charm visitors. (These are all working cats–top to bottom, Nap time for a hard-working secretary-cat; The “May I help you-cat?” at a pet store; the cat who asks, “What’s ailing you?” at Lily’s veterinarian’s office; and the greeter on the porch steps at a local feed store.)


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