Frivolous Friday – More About the Cat’s Meow

If you have more than one cat or have had numbers of cats over the years, you know that each cat speaks a slightly different language. Katy was a Himalayan from a kitten mill in Missouri and that beauty had a southern drawl if I’ve ever heard one.

The Siamese are known for their clear, loud, and frequent vocalization. There’s a part Siamese next door and, believe me, she won’t let you get a word in edgewise. Persians typically speak quietly with a soft voice.

When I found Max, a snowshoe-type kitten, I had no idea he’d grow to be quite a big boy. Yet, his mew was almost silent it was so quiet and meek.

Currently we have Lily and Sophie and I can tell which one is addressing me even in the dark. Lily spews tiny mews and Sophie elongates her words emitting more of a “meeeeooooowwwww.” Yes, Lily is soft spoken, except when she is bringing me one of my cozy socks or a stuffed animal from her toy basket. Then she sort of sounds a loud yowling alarm letting me know she has a gift for me.

I’ve read that most cats have the capacity to make 32 different sounds vocally. Someone has even attempted to translate those sounds into words we can understand. Check the list out here. You might be surprised what your cat is telling you. Perhaps you identified his prrrt to mean “I love you,” when in reality it might be, “Move. I want the warm spot.”

Hmmm, I just checked the list and Prrrt isn’t on it. So I guess there are more than 32 sounds a cat can make, including hissss, yowl, growl, and purrrrrrr. Have fun with this. I did.

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