Thoughts for Thursday – Fall Kitten Explosion

Kittens in the fall? It’s possible—more so in certain years and climates than others. Our Sophie was born in August—way after (or before) traditional kitten season. Our local human society shelter is alive with kittens right now. I’m told it’s because of the warm weather we’ve had this year. Whatever the reason, I LOVE visiting kittens no matter their birth date.

Did you know that autumn kittens are thought to be more aggressive and weaker—less likely to survive? That can be true for feral cats and the reasons are logical. They are facing harsh weather and a depletion of rodents without the maturity and skill of an adult cat. Cats in the wild must be more aggressive in order to survive and many of them don’t make it because of the conditions they were born into. Experts say that autumn kittens raised in a healthy home suffer no signs of the seasonal syndromes that feral kittens might face.

I could not find out the number of kittens typically born in spring versus fall, but just know that, at least here in California, there is a bit of a fall kitten explosion, in case you’re thinking about taking in one more cats this year.

I admit, I’ve been to the shelter a time or two lately socializing the kittens and getting my kitten-fix. They are soooooo cute!


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