Do Cats Like Strawberries?

Winfield playing with a strawberry

Winfield playing with a strawberry

This is Winfield, the same handsome guy who’s glamour photo graces the cover of the book, Catscpades, Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats. In fact, this photo is in the book, on page 1. Winfield, our white odd-eye cat was probably around 10 months old when he discovered a box of ripe strawberries on the counter. Perhaps it was the color or shape of the berries that caught his attention, or was it the nice green stems and leaves that he was after?

When I discovered him, he was picking up strawberries one at a time by the stems and tossing them across the room. Fortunately, I grabbed my camera in time to catch him with one in his mouth. Interesting photo, don’t you think?

Do you have a photo of a cat eating or playing with an unusual type of food? Send it along to me at the following email address and we’ll try to get it up at this blog site.

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