Catscapades: The Book, Now Has 80 Kitty Cat Photos

It has taken us four generations of Catscapades books over the last several weeks in order to finally present the quality photos we were hoping for in the ebook and comb-bound book. We bought a new printer. We’ve asked for expert help. And we’ve experimented like crazy while Max and Sophie (our two formerly feral fur kids) looked on. When they gave their nod of approval, we knew we had it.

Max sauntered out of the room in search of a mirror so he could begin preening for his certain fame and Sophie began dancing in celebration of our success, while images of Golden Globes and Oscars swam around in her little tortie head.

As soon as I break through the learning curve and figure out how to add new photos to this blog, I’ll post photos of Max and Sophie (and many other cats—maybe even yours). The picture that glorifies this blogsite so far is of Winfield, the handsome dude who graces the cover of Catscapades, Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats. As you will read in the book, Winfield was no ordinary cat.

Order your copy of Catscapades, Tales of Ordinary and Extraordinary Cats today in either ebook or comb-bound form.
In the meantime, have a furry, purry day.

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