Newsday Tuesday – Holy Snickers Bar! Talk About an Overweight Cat!

Cinder-Block is a sweet solid grey cat who lives in the UK and who, by some food fetish or maybe a genetic quirk, has become…well, there’s no polite way to put it…she’s FAT. Really fat.

Her owner wasn’t able to handle Cinder’s problems—lack of hygiene, her inability to even walk anymore, and maybe the cost of feeding her. So the owner relinquished Cinder to her veterinarian. They cleaned her up, put her on a strict diet, and they’re trying to get her to work out. The video of her modest attempt to work out is hilarious and it has gone viral on the Internet. Here’s a cute shot of Cinder (now known as Cinder-Block) using as little effort as possible and complaining all the while as her new caretakers gently coerce her into her new work out routine.

Folks, obesity in cats might be cute and even funny, but it really can be a painful experience for the cat. Cinder-Block can only walk a few steps at a time. She is virtually an invalid. And her life is direly threatened by the extra weight. If you have an overweight cat and you wonder why she has begun to neglect her daily lick-bath? It’s because she can no longer physically take care of things back there.

It’s not easy to help a cat lose weight. Owners with obese cats aren’t even sure how the cat got so fat. It seemed like they were eating a normal cat diet and getting enough exercise. And maybe they are—then there must be something else going on. Time for a vet check and a little guidance.

If your cat is overweight or heading swiftly in that direction, here’s a site that might help.


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