Thoughts for Thursday – How to Introduce Another Cat Into the Household

A blog follower asked if I’d cover this topic. I’ve actually written articles on the subject in my other life (as a freelance article-writer), for Cat Fancy Magazine, as I recall. It might still be floating around on the Internet someplace. But meanwhile, let me suggest some other good articles on the subject.

Smokey, the cat I patterned Rags after, had to be re-homed when my mother died earlier this year. My niece and her husband and son created a plan for making the move as pain-free for Smokey and their resident cat, Kitty Boo-Boo, as possible. And they were successful.

They used several of the suggestions in these articles, but they had an added challenge. Smokey had been an indoor-outdoor cat his whole life. In his new home, he would be totally indoors. We thought this would be a struggle and that Smokey would be one unhappy cat. As it turned out, he adjusted to the new policies and rules quite easily. We’ve all sighed a sigh of relief knowing that this beloved cat is still the king of his castle with some wonderful new benefits. He and Kitty Boo-Boo are now friends and he no longer has any desire to go outside.

Now go out and adopt a needy cat to keep you and your current cat company. Follow these ideas and it should go smoothly and beautifully for all.



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