Newsday Tuesday – On the Wild Side

Those of us who adore our fur-babies (our house cats) are also fascinated by those cats that still live wild. I read last week that the domestic cats shares 95-96% of the same DNA with the tiger. Here’s a cool site that demonstrates the similarities between the “mini-me” cats in our homes and wild cats. Once you really grasp how closely related your fur-babies are to their ancestors in the wilds, you may never look at her the same again.

Perhaps you aren’t aware of how many varieties-species of wild cat there are. I’m constantly surprised to learn of a wild cat I haven’t heard of before. I’m familiar with the margay, the ocelot, the serval, even the Pallas cat, but I hadn’t heard of the Eurasian lynx, the flat-headed cat, the Chinese mountain cat or the kodkod. Yes, that’s a cat, too. Check out this site and learn some crazy stuff about cats you may have never heard of.

This site introduces the Eurasian lynx. Interesting and beautiful creature.

Here’s another site listing even more wild cats and showing photos. According to this site, there are around 44 species of wild cat in the world.

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