When You Get That Second Opinion

Lily and Sophie

Lily and Sophie

I’m traveling soon and leaving the care of our kitties in the hands of our dear neighbor. Because Lily is suffering from kidney disease, and was beginning to lose ground—wasn’t thriving—I have been consulting with a holistic vet by phone. His office is a couple thousand miles away. He has Lily’s medical records from my local vet. Together, we have Lily on a routine that seems to be working well for her. And some of it is new to her local vet.

I documented Lily’s food, supplements, etc. for the local vet for her input and also so she knows what Lily’s getting in case our neighbor has to bring her in for a visit while we’re gone.

I think it’s important to consult with other vets in unusual situations when the cat is not responding well to traditional treatment. It appears that with the diet our local vet suggested, the research I did on my own that was okayed by both the local vet and the consulting vet and the additions we experimented with suggested by the consulting vet, we’re on a good track.

For the last two weeks, Lily is eating well again. She has more energy and is more active. I am a happy Kitty Mama.

For us, so far, it is working to treat her with a mix of traditional, holistic and a little common sense choices from diligent research. And I believe it is important to keep all of the professionals involved apprised of everything Lily is getting.

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