Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Outrageous Art and Useful Items From Your Cat

Do you throw out a LOT of cat hair every week? Wait! There are uses for cat hair that you might not have thought of.

Maybe you’ve read the book, “Crafting With Cat Hair.” It’s kind of an interesting concept, isn’t it—to make little hand puppets, replicas of cats and other animals and even jewelry from your cat’s fur? You can felt the fur or make yarn from it. How do you get the fur? From your cat’s brush or comb. I guess you could even pull fur from your vacuum cleaner bag, if you wanted to spend time cleaning it.

Some people shave their cats. That would create quite a lot of fur for crafting, if you were into that sort of thing. Here’s a site that offers seven ideas for using all of that cat fur that sheds off all over your house. https://www.catster.com/lifestyle/seven-creative-crafty-uses-for-cat-hair

I had a friend who made little balls out of her cat’s fur. I wouldn’t let the cats play with them, though—they tend to pull them apart and eat the fur, leaving more fur yaks on your carpet. I don’t think anyone has come up with a craft using those, unless you encase them or treat them somehow and make earrings or a pendant from them. (Now that’s plain silly.)

Speaking of silly: I sometimes find cat art in the litter box. Yes, Lily actually left me this heart once. I also have a picture of what looks like Mickey Mouse.

Many people preserve their cat in death through taxidermy, using his ashes in jewelry, a stepping stone, etc. Or you can preserve your cat’s or dog’s paw print in some way.

Here’s another idea for using cat fur. In oil booms. What’s an oil boom? They’re used to soak up oil spills. It’s true, human hair and animal fur make excellent “sponges.” Learn more here: https://matteroftrust.org/

Here are a couple of sites you might enjoy to round off our discussion on cat art. If you’re interested in really wonderful, whimsical, vintage posters of cats, check out this site.


or https://fineartamerica.com/shop/posters/funny+cat where you’ll find some hilarious paintings, drawings and photos of cats.

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