Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – The Cat Said What?

Has someone finally deciphered meow language? Sure, we can read a cat’s body language, but there are still moments when we cannot understand what the cat wants and it’s frustrating. Well, Jonas Jurgella, author of The Cat Language Bible, How to Finally Understand and Speak With Your Cat  says that someone has finally broken the cat’s silence. Jonas is an animal researcher and an animal behavior specialist. He claims there’s been a huge breakthrough in communicating with cats, which he describes as “intelligent, yet formerly misunderstood animals.” I haven’t read it yet, but plan to. If you beat me to it, I’d love to post your review here. Here’s the link: https://catlanguagebible.com

Jonas Jurgella isn’t the only one interested in the language of cats. Here’s a site where someone has actually deciphered cat language into terms (and words) we can relate to, but I found it oh, so complicated. See what you think.



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