Newsday Tuesday – What’s New in the Healthy Happy Cat Business?

Today I’ll introduce two of my favorite cat products—although I haven’t tried either of them, yet. And I’ll tell you about two surprising medical devices for cats.

We talked recently about hearing loss and deafness in cats. Did you know that they actually have hearing aids for cats? I guess they’ve been using hearing aids for dogs for a while, and now they also have them for cats—but it’s not working out so well, as you can imagine. Cats are flexible and they can use their paws

and claws to dig those things right out of their ears and either chew them to smithereens or lose (hide?) them. If the cat doesn’t like something (such as a piece of plastic shoved into his ear), he isn’t going to accept it.

Cats get diabetes and other maladies common to the human. And there are glucose test kits for cats. Who knew? There’s also a pill dispenser for cats. I imagine they hate being held down and having a foreign object pushed into their throat just about as much as they dislike you forcing a pill into their mouth by hand.

My two favorite products that I’m curious about, but have yet to purchase are the Pretty Litter and the cat-in-the-bag. Grandma used to put her Siamese cat in a pillow case to take him to the veterinarian. It worked for her. But now there’s something the cat might like better—the official cat in the bag that fits the cat like—well, like a sleeping bag, perhaps. Check it out here.

The cats in the promotional material sure seem contented in these things. But then some cats are okay being toted around in a carrier or pushed around in a pet stroller or carried in a backpack. That’s not Sophie or Lily.

The new cat litter—Pretty Litter—is designed to help you diagnose certain ailments in your cat at home. You’re given a chart showing what the urine clump should look like. If your cat’s urine turns the litter a different color, it could mean your cat has an infection or a disease. I think it’s a great idea. Check it out here:

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