Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – When Cats Make Up the Rules

Lily has a mind of her own—well, she’s a cat. And she thinks that everything in this household revolves around her—I guess it kind of does. Lily (and sometimes Sophie) creates the challenges and I have to figure out a way to work around them. For example, Lily gets a special diet because she has kidney disease. Since Lily prefers Sophie’s food, I feed her separately from Sophie. The cats can’t see each other while they eat, but I can see Lily. I have to keep an eye on Lily because she’s sneaky.

Often Lily will leave her dish after eating only half of her meal and walk slowly and quietly toward where Sophie’s eating. Sometimes, when I’m on the phone or handling something at my desk she manages to stay under my radar. But if I see Lily trying to sneak away, I will get down on the floor next to her bowl and call her back. I tell her, “Lily, you haven’t finished. Come on, girl; eat your yummy food.”

What does Lily do? She stops in mid step with her back to me and swishes her tail. I say, “Lily, come on, let’s finish your supper. Yum, it looks so good; come on, let’s eat.”

She swishes her tail again.

I try to keep from laughing, but am rarely successful. She’s so darn cute.

I get closer to her bowl and call her back again.

Most of the time, she will actually turn around, return to her bowl, and eat more of her meal.

I wonder if she returns to her bowl because she’s concerned that I’m going to eat her food. She is competitive and she’s protective of her food and treats. Or maybe she just enjoys having my company while she eats. Or is it that she simply knows she’s been busted and it’s no use to keep going because I will catch up to her and bring her back. Heck, maybe it’s simply one of the games she plays with me—to amuse me. It does!


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2 Responses to Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – When Cats Make Up the Rules

  1. Betsy Pompi says:

    I have two cats also. Zoey just got put on and allergy diet. Lucy needs extra fiber. We feed Lucy separately because Zoey eats Lucy’s food (even when it was the same). Obviously Lucy’s food is better. Haven’t figured out how to get the high fiber dry food into the routine yet. Lucy is a grazer and it Zoey can’t eat it for allergy reasons, then what good does it do Lucy to pick it up. But, happily, since we got the “novel Proteins” for Zoey, she hasn’t scratched her ears once! Yea!!!

    • Patricia says:

      Oh, do these cats present us with challenges. I guess that’s what they’re thinking when we see them just sitting quietly and staring–“What can I do to yank my human’s chain today?”

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