Newsday Tuesday – Cat News From Around the World

You might not realize how much is being written about cats—not only on the Internet, but in scientific journals, and other magazines. Here’s a story describing how a researcher strapped video cameras onto 16 cats and turned them loose to see how they behave when no one is watching. Some of their findings were expected, but many were not. For example, cats vocalize less when they’re not around humans and their vocalization changes from that we typically hear when we’re with them. Cats are more alert when they’re roaming–they don’t nap so often. When the same cat ventures into his own yard where his human is puttering or lounging, he will relax and often take a nap. Read more about what happens when cats are on their own. It’s a sort of birds-eye view we don’t often get to see.

Have you heard of the horrible parasite Toxoplasma gondii—or Toxo? There’s been a breakthrough in the studies of this parasite and how and why it uses cats to reproduce. Part of the good news here is that researchers know so much about this parasite now that they no longer need to use cats in their research. Yes, scientists believe they’ve isolated the piece of information they needed in order to understand and take action against it. Now to start eradicating this parasite and the danger it brings to people and pets.

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