Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – My Favorite Klepto Cat Book

Authors are often asked which of their books in a series is their favorite. My response changes with the tide—and my mood. There are also other factors involved in selecting my personal fave. Often my favorite is the one I’m working on at the moment. Or I might dislike it the most when it doesn’t seem to be coming together easily. The one I just finished writing is typically at the top of my best-in-the-series list. But I have to say there’s something special for me in each and every one of my Klepto Cat Mysteries.

I love the Christmas stories, “A Picture Purrfect Christmas” and “A Christmas to Purr About” because I do enjoy sweet, happy endings. I’m kind of sappy that way. If a story (even one I write) makes me feel emotional, I believe it’s a good story.

I really enjoy the stories with horses involved. So a recent story, “Furever Friends” was fun to write. And one of my early horsey stories is still on my top 35 list—“Corral Cat Caper.”

I have a lot of fun adding a supernatural aspect to a story, so “Mansion of Meows” was a kick for me to write. I especially enjoyed writing “Pawsitively Sinister.” Talk about a wild otherworldly ride!!! And let’s not forget “Cats in the Belfry.” Writing that book was an interesting process.

Tales where I introduce other interesting animals often turn out to be quite delightful from the author’s standpoint. I enjoy playing around with new purrsonalities and personalities, as well in my stories. “Meow for the Money” features some new cats, as does a more recent book, “Cats Don’t Squeal.”

I’ve asked fans which book in the series is their favorite and almost across the line they say, “All of them.” Some say, “Whichever book I’m reading at the time.” Many people have read the series more than once. Of course I certainly have. Do you know how many times it takes to edit a book? Neither do I. There’s certainly no rule of thumb. I continue editing until I believe the book is finished.

Do I have a book-regret? One that I’m not proud of? One I wish I hadn’t written? I have to say, no. From my vantage point, there is something charming, interesting, entertaining, educational, sweet, fun, and/or intriguing in every single book in the series.

By the way, Book 36, “A Whisker of Truth” should be ready for those of you who read the paper copies any day now. I’ll announce the new book here and on my Klepto Cat Mystery Facebook page.




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