Newsday Tuesday – Take Your Pet to Work Day

This interesting day was celebrated a week or so ago. Actually, most of the people I know work with their pets around every day because they (we) work at home.

Some cats have their home in a place of business—a warehouse, corporate building, boat dock business, etc. I personally know cats that work in libraries, feed barns, bookstores, nurseries, veterinarian’s offices, and pet stores.

Do you work in a place that observes an annual “take your pet to work day?” Or do employees typically bring their dog, cat, bird to the office just for the fun of it? How does that work out?

Animals at work can be distracting. They vie for attention, need to be walked or fed, get into things when you’re not looking, maybe rumble with each other. But isn’t it fun to share the whole day with your pet and to share your pet with your coworkers?

Lily and Sophie are a part of my work day every day since I write at home. Lily has some useful jobs: she’s makes a great paperweight, she sometimes exterminates wayward bugs or spiders that find their way in here, she monitors the paper going in and out of the printer, and she takes inventory of what’s on the shelves and even what’s in the trash can. Lily also decorates my office by dropping her toys here and there, she lets me know when it’s time to take a break, and she keeps my office chair warm when I’m not working. At times, she even helps me flesh out a story.

Sophie isn’t as helpful (thankfully), but she does enjoy filing–or maybe just hanging out in a file drawer.

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