Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – If Cats Ran the World

Isn’t this an interesting concept? Cats certainly have some incredible credentials for managing situations. We see them become leaders in our home (leading us to the treat drawer or the water faucet or where we keep the catnip). Cats can negotiate for affection, food, outdoor time… Our cats will beg to have a tent put up where they can chill in privacy or for us to dangle or wriggle their favorite toy.

Cats are great schmoozers. They sometimes have interesting, creative ideas (let’s dissect the toy and see what’s inside or I wonder what this plant tastes like or I’d love to put my claws into those new drapes). They choose their allies and their opponents carefully and they love a peaceful existence. While their territory is important to them, they aren’t going out of their way to cause a rumble.

So why not a cat for president? Cats have held some pretty exalted positions throughout the world. There are official mousers at government and parliament buildings—prestigious positions, indeed. There are honorary police cats who work at stations throughout the world, and many cats have served in the military.

Stubbs served almost all of his nine lives as mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska. I asked for an audience with Stubbs when I was there four or five years ago, but, alas, Stubbs was not well and he died not too long after that. His term lasted for fifteen years, so he must have had a good record.

A cat named Morris was a candidate for mayor in 2013 in Xalapa, Mexico. His slogan was “Tired of voting for rats?” And he promised to use his litter to fill potholes.

Who can forget some of the cats (and other animals) running for president in 2016—there was Limberbutt McCubbins. Tinsil the cat also ran that year—but not with the gusto that Limberbutt had. Her platform was to get rid of the rats in Washington.

I found it interesting that most of the campaigning cats I researched for this article are tabbies—orange, grey—it doesn’t seem to matter. But tabbies seem to be trending in politics.

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