Newsday Tuesday – Cats in Trouble

Cats and curiosity go together and this sometimes gets our feline friends in trouble. Here’s a short list of CAT-cidents I’ve witness with my own kitties or have heard about. If your cat’s reading this with you let me say, “Hey, pussycat, don’t try this at home.”

1: I’ve had totally indoor cats break out through an unfastened window screen or between the ankles of a toddler and find themselves in scary territory out of doors.

2: I had a kitten once, who fell into the toilet. Yikes! He managed to flip himself out of there before we could even come to his rescue.

3: Winfield got his head stuck in the handle of a gift bag and that thing chased the poor cat all over the house until he was smart enough to stop and let me remove it.

4: I know a cat who got caught up in a coat hanger that hung on the cat tree. Scary and dangerous.

5: And then there are cats who get their heads stuck in boxes, jars, and other tight places. Who said they always pay attention to their whiskers?

Cats depends on us more than we might think, so be aware and wary when you see your cat snooping in the pantry, garage, a closet, etc. What’s in there that could possibly harm her? This is kitten season. If you foster kittens or feel like adopting one this year, remember all of the hazards to these little ones as they grow and begin exploring. For kittens, there’s the danger of falling off a bed, being stepped on, being closed in the refrigerator, locked in a cupboard, etc. Bringing a kitten into the home means going on high alert for quite a few months.

But never let your guard down when it comes to a cat and her curiosity.



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