Thoughts for Thursday – Update on Smokey’s Adjustment

Monday I told you that Smokey has a new home. My niece, the lucky recipient of this special cat, has done everything she can to make the transition pleasant for Smokey. She moved into my recently deceased mother’s home for a few days to deepen the bond she already had with the cat and give him more time in familiar territory with her.

She took him to his veterinarian to learn more about his medical history and a new wrinkle in his health—a tendency toward urinary tract blockages. She had the veterinarian give him a thorough exam and she asked a lot of questions about making the transition easier for him and for her current cat. She came away with a wealth of information and, knowing this kitty-mama, she’ll be on the Internet researching additional ideas. We were all crossing our fingers that Smokey and Kitty Boo-Boo would at least get along and that Smokey would feel comfortable in his new home.

A couple of things the veterinarian suggested is multiple litter boxes, because cats can be territorial and may not like the idea of sharing litter. And he said that since Smokey’s used to going outside, she should allow him that option at her home. That surprised me. She planned to try making him an indoor cat, but the veterinarian advises against it—is concerned that this could cause Smokey too much stress. Of course, she’s keeping him inside for at least a few days for the typical adjustment period. So if he goes out, he knows where to return for his food and affection.

So how is Smokey doing?

When he got to his new home that first day, he spent some time exploring. He knows his new family pretty well, so he already felt comfortable with them—but what about the new surrounding?. He had a lot of sniffing to do in order to get his bearings.

That night, they placed one of my mother’s blouses on the bed. Smokey jumped right up there, curled up and that’s where he slept. Now, as I understand it, he is curling up next to members of his new forever family and he spends a lot of time on top of his cat tree peering out the window. He is relaxed and he’s inviting a lot of reassuring petting. He’s also getting accustomed to the scents from the other cat—Kitty Boo-Boo from under a closed door. According to his new humans, there is no hissing or tail-swishing, just curiosity. Yeah, I think Smokey and Kitty Boo-Boo will be just fine.

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