Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Cats That Lick

I love these cat-licking photos. I guess it’s because they show the cat doing something other than simply looking cute. Well, a licking cat is a cute cat and boy do they lick a lot! Cats lick their fur, paws, face, after they eat, after someone has touched them, after their naps, before their naps, and just because they feel like licking—or so it seems. Sometimes cats lick humans. Is that because they think you need a bath or is it a sign of affection? Our white odd-eye cat Winfield loved hand lotion and perfumes and would often want to lick and chew on my hands after I’d washed them or used lotion or washed dishes. It became embarrassing when he’d practically attack a guest’s hands.

According to experts there are a variety of reasons why a cat or a kitten lick you. It might be because the cat’s lonely or suffering from anxiety. Here’s an interesting article explaining five reasons why your cat might lick you.


But what about excessive licking in cats—you know, when the cat obsessively licks or chews on himself or another cat? There could be an underlying reason related to discomfort either physically or emotionally—parasites, for example, allergies, again, anxiety. Here’s an article that might help you determine your cat’s reason for compulsive licking, chewing or scratching.


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