Frivolous Friday – Is Your Cat Left-Pawed? And Other Interesting Questions

It’s true, there’s at least one study on cats and their paw preferences. This one shows that most female cats are right-pawed and most males tend to reach out and lead with their left paw. I’ll bet you will do what I did after reading this—watch for your cat to make a move so you can see which paw he or she favors.

Which paw does your cat use when taking that first step up or down stairs, reaching for food, swatting at an insect or another cat, playing, taking that the initial step into the litter box. If the lead paw in these activities is consistent, you can probably assume that is your cat’s dominant paw.

I found it interesting, when pursuing this study, that men are more likely to be left-handed than women. Here’s the link:

I think most of us who appreciate cats, just love those little paws of theirs. We want to pet their paws, massage them—they’re rather fascinating. But there’s a reason most cats don’t want you to touch their paws. Kitty paws are just so super sensitive to touch. They have to be in order to perform all of the duties they do for the cat. Here’s a complete rundown about a cat’s paws. I’ll bet you learn something here. I did.


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