Mindful Monday – New Klepto Cat Mystery

Book 34 of the Klepto Cat Mystery series, FURever Friends, is available now in print form (the Kindle version to follow shortly). This story has a lot of horse action, so get ready to giddy-up, and whoa-down for an exciting adventure. Here’s the description:

Rags keeps the action and suspense going

When the Iveys agree to board half-dozen horses, they didn’t expect to be caught up in an evil rip-roaring, wild-west plot. One of the horses is threatened, putting those who care for him in danger, but leave it to Rags to take the upper paw with the outlaws. His heroism doesn’t stop there. An exotic cat visits the Iveys and becomes just a little too adventurous. Rags’s over-the-top curiosity and purrfect timing averts a tragedy. As if the klepto cat isn’t busy enough, he’s invited to a cat conference and attends a cat show in the same hotel. When a valuable Persian cat disappears, Rags wastes no time in pawing the culprit. This action-packed story also features some sweet moments that you won’t soon forget.

Order your print copy of FURever Friends at Amazon.com

(Note: Sorry for the inferior photo–I wasn’t able to post the actual cover photo here this morning, so I took a picture of the picture of the cover. It gives you an idea of what to look for.)

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