Frivolous Friday – When the Cat Steals the Show

Have you ever been photo-bombed? Maybe you’ve been a photo-bomber? A photo-bomb is when someone unexpectedly appears within the camera’s field of vision when a photo is being taken. Sometimes the photographer doesn’t even notice the photo-bomber until he reviews the results of his photo later—like the time a flying fish appeared in a picture I’d taken of a tugboat.

Well, cats can be great photo-bombers. There are hundreds of incidents in videos and even news casts when a cat suddenly appears or a cat that’s being video taped does something unexpected. Oh yes, they can be quite the little scene stealer. Why is this? Well, cats are attracted to activity, especially if they’re bored. And if a human is talking, a cat often thinks he’s talking to him.

When I used to interview people for articles or give phone interviews as an expert on the topic, or to promote my books, I would always close my office door. Otherwise, the resident cat would hear me talking and wander in to see what I was doing, who I was talking to. Cats love to be involved—well, on their terms. Unless I’m talking to a fellow cat-lover, I try to maintain a semblance of professionalism when I’m being interviewed and that doesn’t include hearing a cat in the background giving his two cents. It’s bad enough having a bored cat join you in your office and sit on the very document you’re using at the time.

Some of the cutest and most well publicized photo-bombing cats disrupted newscasts and what a great way for a cat or a kitten to be adopted. Smart! Here’s one such incident.  There are others, such as the cat that wandered onto the set while a German weatherman was giving his forecast and the kitten in Tokyo that walked into a news station while they were on the air. If you’d like to see some cute videos of stray and even pet cats making their debut on TV, search using “Cat interrupts news” or something similar. Have fun.


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