Thoughts for Thursday – Sleeping Cats–Ohhh So Cute!

Try not to smile. I’ve posted pictures of sleeping cats before. Who doesn’t melt when seeing a cat so relaxed? I love watching internet videos showing cats sleeping in some of the most interesting, positions. Some of them are hilarious. How many of you have had a kitten fall asleep while eating? I used to worry about a kitten falling asleep while drinking her water and drowning. I guess it could happen.

What are some of your cat’s cutest or most humorous sleeping positions? I’ve had cats who curled up together. I think that is one of the most charming visions. In fact, I was tempted to adopt two half-grown kittens yesterday when I saw the siblings snuggled together in a pen at the pet store. Lily and Sophie may sleep on the same sofa, curl up in kitty beds placed next to each other, but I’ve never caught them sleeping together. On the contrary, if Lily’s in what appears to be a great sleeping spot, Sophie might take it from her, but she sure won’t share it with her.

Max and Katy used to fight over my lap. And if I laid on the couch with a blanket over me, Katy might crawl under the blanket to lay with me and Max would lay on top of the blanket on top of Katy.


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