Frivolous Friday – Communicating With Your Cat

Cats are genius at generating smiles and oftentimes laughter. Who doesn’t get a chuckle out of a cat’s antics, whether she’s dancing on her back legs trying to catch a moth or draped over a chair totally relaxed and oblivious to what’s going on around her? You bring in new toys in order to entice a reaction from your cat and she seldom disappoints. Oh there’s the occasional cat who will take one look at the goofy stuffed veterinarian toy you gave him and walk away. But generally he will go bonkers when he sees something new in the house even if it’s an empty bag or box.

It’s easy to read the body language of a cat at play. But what about some of the other poses a cat may display? If you want to know what’s going through that furry little head, pay attention to his eyes, ears, tail, stance, and even his whiskers. Here’s a pretty good rundown of what your cat’s body language indicates.

Some say that a cat does not communicate verbally—but if you’ve been around cats for very long, you know that they can get their point across quite well using sound. Ever heard a cat purr or growl? Some cats are talkative and will actually look at you and meow or meh or mew or prrrt or make some other cat-like sound. When you put that sound together with the cat’s body language you can often figure out exactly what she’s trying to tell you—“I’m hungry.” “Pet me.” “Bird—do you see that bird—I want that bird—oh, this is so exciting!!!” “Leave me alone. Go away.” I’m sure you can add many other cat phrases to this list.


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