Newsday Tuesday – Intriguing Cat Eyes

If you have a cat in your home you probably sometimes find yourself being drawn into the soul of Friskie or Fluffy or Tommy when you stare into those remarkable eyes. They’re hard to resist. And why would you want to, they’re so beautiful.

A cat’s expression is definitely in her body language. We know a lot about what the cat is thinking or what she’s about to do by the way she sits, crouches, tilts her head, etc, but it’s the eyes that reveal her true demeanor and intentions. Can you actually read your cat’s eyes correctly? I maintain that there’s no way of knowing for sure what she’s thinking, but the speculation is fun.

Some cats are more expressive than others. Even with those cats who don’t have large, round, expressive eyes, you can guess at the gist of her mood or intentions by watching her ears, her whiskers, and, of course, her body language. Is she in a playful mood? Is she about to play-attack you or something else? Or is she watching you ever so closely to keep you from leaving the house before you feed her supper? Sometimes all it takes is for you to make a move. If the cat either runs into the kitchen or herds you in that direction, you know that it is the latter.

Of course, when I come home from someplace and see Lily either waiting at the screen door for me or peering out the closest window, I like to think she’s happy to see me. But I rather suspect she’s eager to be fed again. Some cats take food for granted and treat meal time as if it’s just another mundane routine in the day. Others, however, like Lily, consider mealtime the main events of the day. While some cats eat to live, lily lives to eat. She even begs for tidbits from my plate when I’m eating. Thankfully, she has developed some manners. She’ll sit back and stare until my last bite, then she’ll move forward and snatch the piece of chicken or fish or yam or pea I’ve left for her on my plate. Spoil my cats? Not me, I say with a wink.


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