Frivolous Friday – Unlikely Cat Friends

Is there anything as charming as watching unlikely animal friends interact? I saw a picture of a fawn and a bobcat curled up together this week trying to find shelter from one of the fires. I also saw the most adorable scene showing an elephant and a lioness walking together toward a waterway. The elephant carried her cub curled up in his trunk. (I was suspicious of this picture, however, and discovered it was photo-shopped—bummer.)

There are programs on Animal Planet and even gift books showing unlikely friends frolicking together in a pasture or snuggling together on a sofa—a pig and a duck, a lamb and a pony, a dog and a goose, and certainly many types of animals make friends with cats—horses, calves, gorillas, birds, and dogs.

This morning I did a little internet search and found cats pairing up with an owl, a fox, a duck, a crow, and even a dolphin. There are many stories of wild cats making a sweet connection with other animals—dogs, bears, and others. One of the sweetest to hit the internet lately is the mother hen keeping a litter of kittens warm. Adora-dorable!

Having a bad day? Is it gloomy outside? Do you need cheering up? Grab your favorite beverage and snack and go to the internet in search of unlikely animal friends. It’ll make you smile, guaranteed, and might just make your day.

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