Newsday Tuesday – Cat-Friendly Plants

The question is not which plants and flowers are dangerous for cats, it’s more like which ones are safe. That’s what it came down to for me when I went in search of a plant for my newly decorated office. Every plant I chose turned out to be either seriously or at least mildly toxic for cats. And unfortunately the nursery owners and those working there don’t have the answers. Most of them do have a reference guide or they (or you) can go online to research plants. Always double check with a reliable expert or site before investing in a house plant.

Now not every cat will chew on live plants. But many do and some cats that typically stay away from plants, may at some point decide to take a bite. You might recall my recent post on the deadly lily. I reported that a cat even just rubbing up against a lily and later licking the flecks of pollen off her fur can become ill and even die.

So which plants are safe around cats? Maybe artificial plants—unless the cat is prone to eating them, too. I can’t imagine that plastic would be good for a cat, either.

If you must have live plants in your home, here’s a great site to learn which plants to consider.

For those of you who prefer simplicity—this site is brief and to the point with specific ideas showing which plants will work in your home environment with cats.


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