Mindful Monday – When Your Cat Needs a New Trinket

Where do you shop for your cat? Your local pet store or feed store? I see a lot of advertisements for a company called Chewy. The cats and dogs in the commercials sure seem to look forward to the boxes that come filled with toys and other products. Do you shop online for your pets?

We order dried chicken treats for our cats and I swear they recognize the box when it arrives by UPS as they always cozy up to it and sit next to it looking up at us with big eyes waiting for someone to open the box and start doling out treats.

Today I’d like to introduce you to the Old Maid Cat Lady at http://www.oldmaidcatlady.com. This site is dedicated to products for cats and cat people. Lynn Thompson has created a great site listing over 2,600 items of all types—all related to pets and their care and pleasure. This time of year she’s featuring things to help calm a cat who suffers from anxiety during the annual fireworks display, or maybe for when you have guests coming in for a backyard celebration. Currently, she’s displaying a calming collar and an anxiety remedy, but also a drinking fountain for cats and fun items for cat people, as well. You’ll find cat jewelry, coloring books, tea towels and more. If there’s something you’ve been looking for, she offers a search. And Lynn also blogs. It’s an easy click to her blog, which features a lot of good information on a variety of cat health and well-being issues.

Is your cat’s birthday coming up? Do you have a cat-lady (or guy) friend you’d like s special gift for? Or is there a product you’ve been seeking? Contact Lynn through her Old Maid Cat Lady blog and she may be able to find it for you. Happy shopping!


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