Meet the Star of Catnapped, a Klepto Cat Mystery

Here’s Smokey. He’s the big dude cat that I patterned Rags after. Rags is the klepto cat who appears regularly in a variety of charming ways in all of the Klepto Cat Mystery stories. The first in the series is out now–Catnapped is on Kindle only at

I promised Smokey I would make one thing clear–he is not a kleptomaniac. That aspect of Rags came from my imagination. But Smokey is handsome (as you can see), social, active, clever and an all around very cool cat.

In my story, Catnapped, Rags entertains and annoys his “people” by taking things. And it is this trait that often helps to solve the mysteries that develop throughout the story. Readers tell me they love the characters, appreciate the love story and were captivated by the mystery threads that ran throughout.

Buy your copy of Catnapped for your Kindle today. It’s only $2.99. And be sure to leave a review. Don’t have a Kindle? You can download the program FREE to your iPhone, iPad or computer.

Smokey Endorses Catnapped

Smokey Endorses Catnapped

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