Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – All About Whiskers

One of the cutest things about a cat is his whiskers. Have you ever noticed how your cat uses them? When he’s focused on a toy and excited, he might point his whiskers forward. This is called his game face because he’ll also do this when he’s in pursuit of a mouse, moth, or cricket.. Cute, right?

Cats shed their whiskers naturally. Sometimes you might find a whisker on the floor or on your bed. Some say cat whiskers are lucky. I like to keep the whiskers I find until they disappear. Does the cat take them back? Or do they simply become swept up in the duster?

I find the color of whiskers interesting. Lily’s are all white, for example. She’s a torbie—a tabby with smears of pale orange. I’ve read that most cats have white whiskers, even most black cats. Hmmm, that doesn’t seem right. Sophie is a tortie and her whiskers are all black with one white whisker.

A cat’s whiskers act like radar for the cat. We’ve all heard that cats use their whiskers to determine whether they can fit into a tight space. I’m not sure that’s absolutely true. I’ve seen our cats pull their whiskers back in order to fit into a very small space, but a cat’s whiskers do help them to navigate in certain situations and especially in the dark.

Should you trim a cats unruly or long whiskers? Absolutely not! It could disorient the cat. They will shed whiskers, thus the gift of whiskers you find once in a while. And the whiskers will grow back naturally. Leave your cat’s whiskers alone. As you will notice when watching your cat groom herself, she’s pretty darn proud of those whiskers. Here’s an interesting site if you’d like to learn more about a cat’s whiskers Here

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