Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Celebrating Cats

Yesterday we talked about seeing cats in unusual places. Maybe you’ve been to a cat café where you can cuddle with a cat while enjoying a cup of coffee. There are currently 72 such cafés in the US and dozens more throughout the world including, Taiwan, Australia, Paris, London, Russia and many of them in Japan.

If you seek out cats when you travel, you might consider visiting Ernest Hemmingway’s home and museum in Key West, Florida and meet some of the offspring from his original cat collection. Most of them have 6 toes.

In Belgium, they have a Festival of Cats every year where people dress like cats and there are cat-like balloon figures, etc. It’s called Kattenstoet and it will be held on May 13 this year, in case you’re interested.

You’ll even find cats in the theater. There’s a cat cinema in Thailand where you can watch horror and science fiction movies with a cat on your lap.

In Moscow, there’s a theater troupe that includes 120 cats.

And there are scads of celebrities who have one or more cats in their home. I’ll list some of them tomorrow.

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