Newsday Tuesday – Cats in Unlikely Places

I’m surprised when I see a cat on a boat. But I guess this isn’t so unique. Cats have been used for rat patrol on ships for centuries. I don’t recall ever seeing a cat on a cruise ship, however. But it could happen in this day and age of therapy pets being welcome most anywhere.

What are some of the most unexpected places where you’ve seen cats? Inside stores, libraries, trains—there’s a train in Japan that is typically filled with kittens. There are also cities where multitudes of cats run free and are cared for by shop owners, residents, tourists… What about amusement parks? Did you know, for example, that there’s quite a gathering of feral cats at Disneyland? Here’s a story about those cats:

Here’s a blog site dedicated to cats being seen in unusual places. I love the one of the cat in the refrigerator.

Of course, there are working cat programs, wherein unadoptable cats are placed in businesses to earn their keep as mousers. Here’s one such story:

Where’s the most unusual place you’ve encountered a cat?


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