Mindful Monday – Where the Cats Do the Hiring

In England, the Pause Cat Café is hiring and the cats are conducting the interviews. It’s true, they’re having a speed-dating type recruitment event where potential employees come in and meet the cats. Those recruits who are most adored by the cats will get the jobs.

At Pause Cat Café, they have 12 cats, 10 staff members, and 45 volunteers. While the cats are able to mingle with customers in the restaurant area, each cat has its own room where he can go to chill. And every cat has a mum or a dad so they have consistent care and interaction. That person can tell when the cat is not feeling well, she’s losing weight, etc. There’s a specialist on hand to tend to the cats, and staff takes turns spending night with them—so they’re never completely alone.

They have quite a large vegetarian menu at Pause Cat Café, which is kind of unusual by American cat café standards. Usually, you’re served coffee and snacks. Read more about this interesting cat café here: https://www.thepurringtonpost.com/pause-cat-cafe/

You may be interested in knowing, the first cat café was opened in Taiwan in 1998. Now there are cat cafés all over the world—with 79, at last count, in Japan. The first one in the US opened in 2014 in the bay area. Cat cafés are now open throughout the US, but the style and regulations are different than in most other countries.

We have stricter regulations here. For example, the cats cannot be roaming in the same area where people are eating—they’re kept in a separate section of the restaurant or coffee shop. Sometimes there’s a fee for mingling in the cat area. And usually the cats are up for adoption.

Have you visited a cat café? I have yet to do it, even though there is a one just thirty miles away from me in Camarillo, CA. It’s called the Purrfect Cat Café. You can spend an hour with five adult cats and four kittens for $10. And to keep from overwhelming the kitties, only 8 people can enter the cat area at a time. They also have a gift shop and they’ll arrange for private parties. I will get over there at some point and report on the experience for you. In the meantime, I’d love to hear your cat café stories.

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