Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Come on, now—a Lego Cat?

Yes, there really is a Lego cat kit. Why? Well, it doesn’t eat, doesn’t need a litter box, won’t leave fur all over the furniture, or scratch your new leather recliner chair. And it might be fun to connect the pieces to create something that actually looks like your cat!

If you’re like me, you have as many real kitty-cats as you can handle and you’ve had more cats than you’ll admit to over the years. And you also have stuffed cats, pictures of cats, ceramic cats, etc. I believe that the cat could be the most copied animal on the planet—you see cats on clothing, on trains (remember my story of cats on trains in Japan?), buildings in the shape of cats, cat jewelry, measuring cups, salt-and-pepper shakers, even coins (yes money) with cats on the. No, not in this country, yet.

So, would you like to try creating cats from Legos? Check them out here: https://www.floppycats.com/cat-sculptures-from-legos.html I thought you might also be interested in cat posters. https://www.allposters.com/-st/Cat-Posters_c976_.htm OMG, there are some cute, interesting, outstanding, artistic, clever posters. My favorite is the 100 Cats and a Mouse poster. I’ve also always liked Le Chat Noir and the poster with all the books and cats—Classic Tails—love that one.

Tomorrow we’re going to talk about the most influential animals of 2016. I think some of them might surprise you.


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