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No one loves a positive book review more than an author. The Klepto Cat Mystery series has garnered hundreds of them. I LOVE reading how much readers have enjoyed my books, how touched they were by the characters, that they learned something important, that they appreciate the quality of the writing, that they found the plots entertaining and exciting, and that they’re inspired by the storyline. Rags has fans. People really love him. He makes them smile and sometimes shake their head. Cat people can relate to some of Rags’s antics. And they appreciate that the human characters are genuine. Some readers comment that they feel they actually know the characters and others would like to know them in real life.

Do authors actually read reader reviews? Absolutely. Reviews help to refine the stories, to tweak the direction of the series, even. They let the author know if she’s on the right track.

Certainly, some reader reviews aren’t helpful. That would be those that simply repeat the storyline. Other readers want to know how you liked the story—how you felt about it. How did it affect you? Would you recommend this book? Why? Why not?

Some people use the review opportunity as a platform to complain about some of their personal pet peeves –“too many plots,” “too much preaching about cat rescue,” “not enough preaching about cat rescue…” A recent reviewer said, “I don’t like audio books.” And that was her reason for giving the book one star. I’ve had snarky reviews. One of the first reviews my Klepto Cat Mysteries got was down-right mean spirited. Believe me, I pay as much attention to a critical review as I do a positive one and I learn along the way. But this particular mean-spirited review, I do believe, came from someone who wanted to direct people away from my book and, perhaps, toward one they wrote or someone they know wrote. What that person doesn’t understand is that someone who likes cozy mysteries with cats is going to devour any and all of them that they can find. Cozy mystery writers support one another. You’ve seen me recommend other cozy mystery authors right here in this blog.

Well back to the Klepto Cat Mysteries and the lovely reviews readers leave. You can see the reviews on each book page at Here’s a recent review posted on December 12, 2017 at Cozy Mystery Book Reviews blog. Let me know if you agree with it.


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