Mindful Monday – Your Cat’s View of the World

Do you have an inside cat like we do? Sophie and Lily are total inside cats and they don’t fight it—never have. They both came to us as kittens who had lived feral and they both agreed to become house cats. They never dart for an open door to the outside world. But they do spend time looking out the windows and enjoying the warmth of the sun shining in.

I sometimes try to look through their pretty green eyes to see what they see. And I’ve made changes outside to create a more appealing and interesting view for them. I’ve added things to pique their curiosity and provide entertainment value.

What are some of the things you can do to offer more visual variety for your inside kitties? Set up feeding stations and birdbaths to attract wildlife for the cats to watch. Plant flowers and shrubs that attract butterflies and birds. Sun-catchers as well as wind-chimes that give off soft tones might intrigue a cat. Cats also enjoy seeing other cats in the yard. No matter where you live, there are bound to be neighboring cats that are allowed to roam. Do you entice them by growing catnip, setting out water bowls, and creating cozy comfort stations, for example?

Some people train their cats to a leash and actually accompany Frisky or Fluffy outside for brief periods. Rags, the staring cat in the Klepto Cat Mystery series, wears a harness and leash for outings. But he seems to think this entitles him to go outside anytime he wants and he finagles many methods of doing so in the Klepto Cat Mystery stories. That can be a hazard of allowing outdoor time for your cat. If they love it, they might find ways to abuse the privilege.

If you have an older, more settled cat who seems interested in what’s outdoors, consider giving her supervised time. Make sure to have an escape route for her into the safety of the house in case something startles or threatens her.

Wednesday, we’ll talk about catios. You might be surprised to learn how easily and inexpensively you can create a safe outdoor area for your inside cats.


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  1. Wendy Cook says:

    We had window box put in our breakfast nook when we built our home just for the cats to sit in and watch the backyard activity. Chipmunks and squirrels run across the deck and keep them entertained. Ours never try to to dart out an open door. They were feral also and I think they love the comforts of a home!

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