Frivolous Friday – Cats Wearing Hats

Dressing cats isn’t quite as widespread as dressing dogs, but it is catching on for some. I saw a lot of cats dressed in gowns and wearing glasses and hats when attending the last annual Cat Writer’s Association Conference.

It used to be that little girls tried to dress their household cats in their doll’s clothes. Sometimes with success. But now, it’s grown women and men buying special-made outfits for their cats and parading them around town or the neighborhood or poising them to greet expected guests. Most of these people claim that their cats like dressing up.

A man in Tokyo makes hats for his cats out of the cats’ own fur. Want a chuckle—check this out:

Here are 28 cats wearing their Halloween costumes.

If you’re interested in cat apparel, Here are a couple of site for you:

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