Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – What Color is Your Cat?

Generally, the most common color for a car, a dress,shoes, etc., is the least popular color when it comes to making a choice. But I’m not sure that’s true with cats. I thought black was the most common color in cats. Black cats are usually the last ones to be adopted. More black cats are euthanized every year than any other cat because they are the least desired.

This morning, however, I came across a site that says tabby is the most common coat pattern for the ordinary cat. Presumably, it’s the variety of shades and markings that make these cats interesting and adoptable.

Sometimes it’s hard to identify a color, especially since we’ve gone from black, gray,

Lily and Sophie

orange, white, to more definitively defined shades known as red, lilac, fawn, smoke blue, chocolate, cinnamon and harlequin.

Your tabby isn’t just a tabby, but either a mackerel, classic, spotted, or ticked. And a Siamese cat isn’t just a Siamese cat, but she’s a seal point, lilac point, chocolate point or even maybe a torbie point.

If you want to know more about cat coat colors, here’s an interesting website discussing that topic.


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