Mindful Monday – Finding Cats in Unusual Places

Cats sure can generate smiles. One interesting thing cats do is to explore and often hide in, under, and behind unusual places—boxes, bowls, clothes hampers, closets, sinks, dressers, sofas and other cubbies. The Internet is busy with photos of big cats who’ve skinnied themselves into tiny spaces and odd places. I’ve seen pictures of cats in (or trying to fit into) fishbowls, salad bowls, a tea kettle, jars, shoes. Here are some. I dare you to look at these pictures without at least smiling. http://www.boredpanda.com/funny-cats-if-it-fits-i-sits/

Why do cats do this? Here are some of the theories why cats seek out snug spots in which to nap or just hang out. For warmth and for an element of safety (a throwback from their wild ancestors). Cats feel secure in tight quarters. If you’ll notice, when you put up a shade or shelter for your small children to play under, your cat is likely to join them. When a package arrives in the mail, as soon as you open it, your cat jumps into the box. I’d say part of that behavior is curiosity.

At our house, whenever we get a package from UPS or in the mail, we always leave boxes out for a few days for the cats to play in before recycling them.

What is the oddest place your cat has climbed into? I hope you got pictures.


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