Frivolous Friday – A Mixed Bag of Cat Stories

How can one person cause so many problems for cats and the people who want to help them? Evidently, an apartment dweller in Queens was hoarding cats. When the building was condemned, this person moved out without an iota of regard for all of the cats they’d collected over the years. And when the demolition team arrived and started the process of tearing the building down, they began to see a cat here and there. Upon checking, they discovered that the place was full of cats and kittens—around forty of them.

Now a few rescue facilities have become involved along with the city and various neighbors—all trying to save the mostly unfriendly cats who are pretty much skin and bones. Let’s hope that the follow-up stories we read on this situation have a lot of happy endings for these innocent cats and kittens.

There’s a report coming out of UCLA stating that our pets (especially cats) are contributing to climate change and they say it’s because they eat so much meat. Because of the environmental impact caused by our pets’ food consumption, they’re now looking at perhaps finding new sources of protein. Here’s the link to that article, in case you’re interested in knowing what sort of fight could be ahead of us? Will there be a movement to reduce the number of pets we can have in our home, will they take stricter measurements to quell human intervention in maintaining feral cat colonies or worse?

Here’s one of those nice stories about cats and cuddles. In Las Cruces, New Mexico, county officials there have created a cat library on premises at the county offices for stressed employees. When an employee needs a sweet moment (that doesn’t involve calories), they can “check out” a cat or kitten to spend time with. Isn’t that why most of us have cats in our household—for those cuddle sessions.

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  1. kathy says:

    Please keep us posted on the Kitty’s how sad thank goodness for the workers who saw them

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