Thoughts for Thursday – How Many Ways Are There to Compliment a Book?

Authors love to get reviews. And I find it interesting how many ways there are to praise a book. Certainly not all reviews are positive, and that’s okay. Everyone has an opinion, moods that might sway an opinion in that moment, and expectations. I’ve actually had readers ding my Klepto Cat Mysteries because he/she doesn’t like cats or cozy mysteries. Why they chose to read my cozy mystery stories which obviously involve cats is a mystery to me.

While some authors are upset by negative reviews—yeah, it’s not fun to get them—I’ve found that, often, I can learn from them. I’ve made some changes because of reader comments. While some negative reviews seem to be just plain mean-spirited, others contain genuinely helpful and useful suggestions. My readers have pointed out overused terms and phrases in my books, for example. Certainly, some suggestions or complaints I don’t agree with, but I always give it some thought.

I’m constantly surprised by the scope and variety of reviewer comments. Recently, a reader said she hasn’t enjoyed a series as much since she used to read Nancy Drew mysteries. Talk about a compliment! Here are a few more of my favorites:

“Patricia Fry makes the characters leap off the page and into our hearts.”

“Great series by a clever writer.”

“These stories are easy to read and full of suspense and fun.”

“I love Patricia Fry, she’ll make you laugh out loud and cry in the same book.”

“The cast of characters are all people I could be friends with.”

In total, the Klepto Cat Mysteries have gleaned over 1500 Amazon reviews. Add to that reviews posted at a variety of blogs, at Good Reads and other sites, this is a well-reviewed series and the average review is 4.75 stars out of 5. Not bad.

Do you review the books you read? Authors rely on readers to spread the word when they enjoy a book. And we do appreciate our readers and reviewers.


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