Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – How Did I End Up With This Cat?

While I’ve written articles and posts on the most mature and logical way to choose a cat for your home, I have to admit that most often, when I enter a shelter or visit a litter of kittens, I lead with my heart.

When I’m in the market for a cat—even when I’m not—I tend to go ga-ga over the furriest varieties. There was a time when I’d choose the cat with the most fur. However, experience with caring for these fur coats has caused me to downsize my thinking in that area. But still, I love longish-haired cats and those with bright, round eyes. Many of my cats, however, I chose because of need (sometimes mine, but usually the cat’s).

Have you ever felt like a cat has chosen you? I can imagine many of you nodding. I certainly have. Sometimes it’s subtle—the cat or kitten just sits quietly and stares into your eyes. And you know. “I’m not leaving here without that cat. It isn’t the one I came for, but I can tell she is going home with me.”

Sometimes a cat will reach out through the wire cage at a shelter and snag your favorite sweater (which you shouldn’t have worn to a cat shelter, anyway). You turn and you know. “This one needs a home. I’m taking him home.”

Sometimes we choose a breed or a style of cat because he looks like a cat we loved in the past. I recommend that you avoid this emotional trap. If you want another Himalayan or ginger cat because you had such a great experience with one in the past, let enough time pass so that your choice is not completely an emotional one. In other words, don’t choose a cat that you expect to take the place of one you’ve lost. As you may have learned already, a cat cannot be replaced. When you adopt again, do so with the understanding that this is a completely different cat and you’ll have a very special, unique relationship with her.

Many of us, though, don’t go out in search of a cat, they seem to find us whether we’re ready for another cat or not, whether we want one or not. They show up on our doorstep, follow us home from a neighborhood walk, wander into the place where we work, or a friend introduces a needy cat to us.

How did you fall in love with your cats? Here’s an entertaining article displaying the cat-human relationship from several angles. https://www.quora.com/How-did-you-fall-in-love-with-your-cats

I’ve also provided a link to Ingrid King’s blog. Here, she talks about how she fell in love with some of her cats and also discusses what attracts us to the cats we choose. She says that, for most of us—and I think this is true—we are attracted to a certain type of cat. We choose according to looks. Well, it’s all we have to go on in the beginning, right? It’s a natural starting point for most relationships. But I’ve picked from a litter based on purrsonality, too. Haven’t you? You’re drawn to a shy kitten; the most playful one steals your heart; you can’t resist the snuggliest one…

Here’s a link to Ingrid’s post on choosing a cat. http://consciouscat.net/2013/09/11/how-did-you-fall-in-love-with-your-cat/


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